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I Help Adults Ages 35+ Lose Weight & Build Their Endurance Even With Their Busy Schedules!
Doesn't matter if you're trying build your confidence, lose weight, or create healthy habits. If it's for long-term success, we can help you!
Of busy adults assisted!
Countries with happy clients!
Improving lives!
Be Your Own Boss Fitness is a health, fitness, and wellness-based business that has been helping every day, working adults create healthier lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones! We are not just about the short term goals. We help you succeed in the long run!

"7 Ways to Healthy as a Busy Adult" Digital Course

The guide to creating healthy habits for long-term health & fitness success, even with your busy schedule!

With over 12 easy-to-follow lessons and downloadable cheat sheets, you can 100% guarantee that you will learn how to live your best life without giving up the things you love and without feeling guilty!

BYOB's Services

Effective Workouts

Strategically planned workouts, programmed based on your experience level and your overall goals by a certified personal trainer who actually cares to learn how your body responds and make the proper adjustments to keep you progressing forward!

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition plans and tips built around the foods you enjoy. BYOB focused on living a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is key, but you shouldn't have to give up the delectables that you love. We can show you how to do this while still losing weight. 

Hands-On Coaching

BYOB doesn't just build "programs". That's what makes us different. You will build a genuine relationship with you trainer, who will learn how your body responds to different strategies and guide you in the right direction, step by step. 


You will receive the accountability that you need to reach your goals on a daily basis.

Trainer Availability

You will have your trainer's personal contact information for any spontaneous assistance that you made need. Trainer's response time is usually minutes!


From nutrition to training, everything is programmed based on your specific goals. Adjustments will be made based on how you are progressing. No cookie-cutter!

Daily Motivation

You will receive daily content to help you run through the obstacles that you're facing in life as well as the gym. We are in this together!

The Boss Body Program
The 12 week Boss Body program by Be Your Own Boss Fitness has all the tools any busy adult needs to have long-term success, health and fitness-wise!

The Boss Body program has helped busy adults everywhere lose weight, build endurance, terminate the use of their prescribed meds, be more comfortable in their own skin, live with a better quality of life, and much more!

ACT FAST! We only accept clients while spots are available!

This allows us to be hands on and more efficient in assisting you with your Goals! We actually coach and guide our clients.

Why Choose BYOB?


  • 1-3 hours in the gym, 5-7 days a week causing injuries and busy adults to believe that they don't have time to work out.
  • Boring diets and fad diets that are difficult to sustain, overwhelming individuals to the point where they give up.
  • ​Mindlessly working out just to say you did something, resulting in minimal results.
  • ​Trainer just giving you the program and only checking in with you bi-weekly.


  • 30 mins - 1 hour at home or in the gym, 3-5 days a week giving busy adults plenty of time for life's obligations.
  • Keeping it simple with 3 basic meals a day composed of foods that you actually enjoy with nutrition plans that change weekly.
  • Strategically programmed workouts that target every muscle group, resulting in optimal results. 
  • Online course to guide you through your program plus trainer availability when needed!
GUARANTEED RESULTS or you will receive a fully customized program, specific to you and your goals FOR FREE!

Damion Bankhead, Founder

Coach Bankhead, The Healthy Habits Buff
Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker
Army Veteran and prior Law Enforcement. Sponsored and nationally qualified Men's Physique athlete. Seen on, several fitness platforms, and health/fitness blogs!
I'm Damion Bankhead, The founder of Be Your Own Boss Fitness and if you can't tell by the picture, I haven't always been in the best shape. I was actually malnourished. My bothers teased me all the time because you could literally see my heartbeat rise and fall in my chest!
I graduated high school at a whopping 119 lbs and I weighed close to that through my college years. I was always the "little guy" and I wanted to get in shape as fast as possible. I tried everything! Literally everything! Nothing seemed to work! 

It wasn't until I joined the Army, when I decided enough was enough. Well, when I was finally in the Army. I was too small to join at first. Crazy, I know. 

After encountering heartbreak while I was deployed overseas in 2013 [she wasn't faithful], I figured out the easiest, most simple way to get the body I wanted, while balancing a crazy work schedule with the Army and Law Enforcement.

Today, everyone wants fast results, without putting in an insane amount of work. Well unfortunately, there's not magic pill to take to get the results you want, but "fast" results are possible with consistency. Trust me. I put on over 25 lbs of muscle in a 10 month deployment, naturally. 

I am determined to share what I've learned and help as many busy adults as I can to not only get in the best shape of their lives, but to actually be able to maintain that healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically!
Not QUITE ready for a 3 month commitment?
30-Day JumpStart Program
The super affordable, 30-Day Jumpstart program was created for busy adults  looking to get their health/fitness journey started/re-started!

You will receive one on one coaching that  includes workout and nutrition plans programmed to accommodate you and your specific goals, with adjustments as needed. 

At the conclusion of the program, you will receive a strategy that will guarantee continued progress and long-term success!


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