7 Ways to Healthy As A Busy Adult

7 Ways to Healthy As A Busy Adult

Digital course by Coach Damion Bankhead | The Healthy Habits Buff & founder of Be Your Own Boss Fitness

The same methods used to help hundreds of busy adults get in the best shape of their lives around the globe!


Get in shape with ease and with no restrictions. No more frustration and feeling hopeless.

  • 14 Lessons
  • ​7 powerful, actionable tips
  • ​Less than 2 hour read time
  • ​Foundation to an unrestricted, healthy lifestyle
  • 30 days of workouts and nutrition tips to get you started

Join Busy Adults From Around the Globe

Join Busy Adults From Around the Globe


"You have a very relatable story, Damion. No matter where a person is on their journey, there is hope! I absolutely agree with time management and auditing. Not to mention that fitness is fun! It doesn't have to be a chore. Wanting to find time for it because it feels good really makes sense to me. So many great tips for helping a person shift their mindset .What's been holding me back? You brought up many reasons why people don't take care of themselves, but also good reasons for making that change. Great course!"


"I never knew how easy staying in shape was until this course! I was all about diet, diet diet! I didn't realize that dieting in a restrictive way was the reason for me failing. I highly recommend this course! I've lost 12 lbs by implementing these tips! Thank you Coach Bankhead!"


"As a single dad with the infamous dad bod, I needed all the help I could get! This course was all I needed to get me going! It really put things into a realistic perspective for me. Getting in shape has never been easier for me. Not only that, but the mental tips/exercises this course provides are life changing. If you're on the fence, just get the course. It's only $50. Thanks Damion."


"Wise and thoughtful content. We are NOT a one size fits All creatures. It's always wise to think of not just our body now, but whatever season in life we are we need to make proper assessments. That's why having a personal trainer is so important to have evaluations. Love the charts! Really enjoyed the course!"


"This course showed me these easiest, most simple way to create balance in my busy life! I'm so glad I came across Damion's LinkedIn profile! I give this course 6 stars out of 5!"


"This was a steal! You easy tips that show you how to live healthier without giving up everything you love. You get 30 days of workouts, which are awesome! You get downloadable stuff! You get motivational things, and access to other things that Damion has! For this price, what is there to think about? I have learned so much just from this easy little course. I think everyone trying to get in shape should grab it!"


"Damion’s programs are real life. He understands what it’s going to take and gives you grace to get you there. Gentle reminder to make it happen. Damion knows the real world is not social media. It’s grace and discipline. The common theme in the program is consistency. Making a small change can make a large difference in your future. All things in balance. We will have time for doctors appointments. Make time for exercise and maybe we can avoid some of this appointments in the future. We have time if we choose to make this a priority. I read about Damion’s bad days and that he can exercise and put himself 
In a different mindset. That’s helpful when your trying to build your discipline and your habits. Loved this course!"


"Damion, I have no idea why you're not charging more for this! You are truly a servant. The word needs more people like you that are willing to help by being authentic, transparent, and realistic. I have gone through the course a few times and I pick up something different every time. If you're looking to get in shape without having to second guess everything, I recommend this course."


"Coach! I could hug you for all the time you've saved me! I was going the wrong way with my fitness journey. I couldn't figure it out. H*ll, I didn't have the time to figure it out with everything going on in my life! This course was an eye opener. I caught myself saying, "ahh" more times than I can count. You have helped me with my mindset as well as my physical health. Thanks to this course, I've developed a routine that works for me and I've been at it hard. It doesn't take me hours a day in the gym and I don't have to cut out all the good food. My pants are fitting a lot looser and I'm okay with that. Thanks man! Really!"

Life feels so much better when you can do what you want. Learn how to live life on your your terms.

A Few of the Course Lessons

A Few of the Course Lessons

• Pace Yourself 
• The 80/20 Rule
• How to Avoid Plateaus
• Practices for Creating Balance
• Different Workout Splits for Busy Schedules
And Much More!